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    Welcome To Henson IT Solutions

    We are an innovative and dynamic IT Company, that supplies expert IT advice and develops industry-leading IT solutions.

    We design and host wedding web-sites as part of Henson Weddings.

    We provide support and development of public products such as Group Cards, Anonyvoter, Plan My Fringe, DashView and Travel Display, and internal system development for clients such as ChargeBox Ltd and Redbourn Business Systems

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    Henson IT Solutions

    Our first public web application was "Plan My Fringe", a planner and auto-scheduler for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. See it at https://www.planmyfringe.co.uk.

    For details on the mobile app versions Click Here.

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    Henson IT Solutions

    Does your business need a web-site, or a custom application to take you to the next level? Henson IT Solutions are the ones for you!

    Are you a Start-Up, or do you have an idea that requires web or mobile phone applications to support it. Contact Henson IT Solutions! As well as guaranteed quotes for development, we also offer equity arrangements for start-ups we believe in, allowing your product to be developed quickly for minimal cost.

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Henson IT Solutions

Make your business expand effectively with solutions from Henson IT Solutions

  • Web-Sites

    Henson IT Solutions can develop web-sites of whatever complexity you require. This can be as simple as a static information-only web-site, or a full database-driven web-site including dynamic content, validation, user registration, easy searching, store location, product selection, online payments, or whatever else you require.

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  • Custom Applications

    If you would like a bespoke application written for you, whether it is web-based, a desktop application, or a mobile phone app, look no further than Henson IT Solutions. We can rapidly assess and agree your requirements and develop something that will do exactly what you require, so that your business can get ahead and stay ahead of your competitors.

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  • Full IT Analysis

    An experienced expert from Henson IT Solutions can provide a full IT Analysis, starting with your current IT arrangements, through to reviewing your business requirements, and then provide a report recommending the best way forward for you. Henson IT Solutions can then take care of some or all of these recommendations should you agree to them.

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How We Work

Just Starting Up, or have a Fantastic Idea? It you need any application development, come to Henson IT. If we believe in your idea, we could do all the IT development and deployment that you need in return for an equity stake in your business, giving you a very low cost way of putting your ideas into action!

Meet Our Management Team

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    Mark Henson

    Managing Director

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    Maddie Henson

    Sales Director

Mark Henson, Managing Director of Henson IT Solutions has been an application developer with over 30 years experience in a variety of different industries and technologies, and has held positions including IT Director, Head of Business Systems Development, and various consultant roles during that time.

Systems designed and developed by Mark have been industry-leading, and have stood the test of time.

Mark's wife Maddie Henson has a wide IT expertise, particularly in social media.

Together, along with a support team and outsourced staff where necessary, Henson IT Solutions can ensure any business can get and stay ahead of its competitors, by rapidly developing IT solutions that exactly meet all requirements.

What we offer

  • Bronze

    • Basic Static Web-site
    • Limited number of pages
    • Regular Updates
    • Optional Videos or Sound
    • Support
    • Optional Domain Creation
    • Optional Web-Site Hosting
    • Publicising Advice
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  • Silver

    • Advanced Web-Site
    • Database-driven dynamic content
    • Portal to allow authorised updates
    • Advanced Interaction with end-users
    • Direct Product Selling
    • Regular Updates
    • Support
    • All other elements of Bronze package
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  • Gold

    • Custom Application Development
    • Web-Based, Mobile or Windows
    • Mobile app can support all platforms
    • Back-end database provided
    • Web-Services development
    • Full User Authentication
    • Full Hosting and Support
    • Application does exactly what you need
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  • Platinum

    • In-Depth Analysis of your IT needs
    • Analysis of any current IT solutions
    • Recommendations of next steps
    • Make your business future-proof
    • Rapid bespoke application development
    • Infrastructure and strategy advice
    • Recommendations on 3rd Party packages
    • Elements of other packages listed here
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"We want you to succeed! We believe the purpose of IT is to make everyone's job easier. Custom web-sites and applications that do everything your company requires can take your company to a whole new level!"