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The DashView application (https://www.dashview.co.uk) is a server-based multi-purpose display screen tool with the power to efficiently update display screens for all types of viewer. DashView was inspired by a demand for easier presentation methods.

Rather than a Powerpoint or similar presentation having to be uploaded to any display screens in use, you can just set the display screens running any reasonably modern browser in full-screen mode, and you can upload images, links to other web-sites, and anything you choose. Your images are saved to your account available to be accessed anywhere!


Once Registered you will be taken to your own Dash Edit page in which you can upload images and websites to be displayed in your own DashView. Any screens used for viewing don't need to be touched in any way, they will automatically show the updated content!


DashView also features settings allowing you to enable a pause and play button as well as change the time between slides. More settings coming soon!

A very powerful application allowing for freedom to display rolling information on screens everywhere.

The basic version is free, you can access it at https://www.dashview.co.uk

Our Packages

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    Bronze Package

    The Bronze package is designed for companies or individuals who would just like a relatively simple, static web-site.

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    Silver Package

    The Silver package is designed for a more complex data-driven web-site aimed at end-users and customers.

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    Gold Package

    Allows a full custom application, such as a web-based or Windows administration system, a mobile phone application, or any kind of bespoke application to be developed exactly to your requirements

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    Platinum Package

    Allow Henson IT Solutions to completely review your business IT requirements and recommend how to use IT to take your business to a new level.

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    Equity Offer

    For start-ups or people with good ideas wanting to get their idea off the ground, Henson IT Solutions could take an equity share in your company in return for taking care of all your IT development needs.